Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OMG a kickstarter??

Hey Guys! So for a couple of weeks now we've been showing previews of our new book project, and now, it's time to announce our Kickstarter Launch!

Our goal is to raise 4,000 dollars to try and get our book printed! We're doing everything independently so we need your help!

We've got LOTS of awesome rewards for our backers including How To's from our process, Full color prints, sketches, commissions, and even tickets to our Gallery Nucleus workshop in Alhambra!

Take a second to check it out, and watch an embarrassing video Mike and I made of ourselves talking about our project.

Click Here to support us!


Gio M. said...

Looks amazing thus far..I just bought the $45 dollar student package, can't wait to get it with all of your's and Mike's process with brushes. Stoked.

JennySRP said...

wow congratulations on far surpassing your goal!

Nic XL Gregory art said...

Wow, this is a great concept and the images released so far look fantastic. Later this week I will be contributing to your Kickstarter page. Best of luck!

ZN Gracia said...

Wow! You and your husbands work blows me away everytime, such great work with such amazing shape design!