Saturday, May 04, 2013

Not So ORDINARY girl!

I got a chance to illustrate a series of kids books a while back and it's getting published on the 21st of this month! Here's the amazon link

Not so Ordinary Girl, Ballerina Weather Girl

Not so Ordinary Girl, Miss Matched

Not so Ordinary Girl, Don't Chicken Out!

I did the interior illustrations for only the last one, "Don't Chicken Out!" the rest were done by another artist.

Here's some of the early development work that went into creating the covers, for some reason I'm having some trouble locating the pages of the interior for book 3, but I thought that you would still like a peek into the process.

I got to read the manuscript and just come up with my own style for the character which was a lot of fun! The watercolor sketch was inspired by Vance Gerry, a Disney Story artist who had a show up in the studio when I was doing these.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

007 Show at Q Pop

I got a chance to participate in the 007 Show at Q Pop this past weekend! The subject matter practically demanded sexy ladies lounging about!

I actually decided to try out a different technique when it came to doing the composition for this one, I was really inspired by Kali Ciesemier  and her use of Informal Subdivision that I decided to try it out for myself! Here's my subdivisions:

It was actually a really interesting way to work, very unnatural for me, but it really pushed me to think hard about my angles and what I was doing, I think it's a really fun exercise for any designer/illustrator!

The show is still up at Qpop too, so anyone in the downtown LA area go check out the great work! I have a few prints of this at the show as well!