Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Work in progress

Sometimes, I browse the internet and I'm amazed at how prolific so many artists out there are! I'm slow, so I decided to post this WIP :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prints are GONE!

Thanks for all the interest!!

So, I was cleaning out my house trying to figure out what to do with these 5 huge boring Ikea frames I had from my graduation show, and had to figure out what to do with the prints inside of them. I felt terrible about throwing them out, and decided to give them away!

Anyhow, onto the prints, if anyone wants these, please let me know, theyre all 13x19 and FREE! I will ship them anywhere in the US for 10 dollars (just for shipping) First person to email me gets em! (Please, US shipping is a big pain in the buttz)

I would post new artwork too, but we had our house fumigated, and I'm not yet set up for painting yet :( I'll be doing artz soon tho!!

Elsa picked up the prints, I checked out her blog! This gal is talented! Check her out!!

Loving her pieces for Richard's Color class esp :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PecknPaw and the Black Mirror

Hi Folks!

Still working through some art stuff, but otherwise things are pretty good! Working on A Little Golden book for work, which has been stressful due to the pressure (Golden books are all so beautiful!!) But I'm so glad I got the oppertunity.

And here is another project I've been waiting to tell you guys about!

My friend Scott Watanabe approached me last year about doing an anthology for Comic con! I helped Assistant Edit the book with him.

Anyhoo, our whole book is all original artwork from 16 of the super talented visual development artists here at Disney! We've put together a blog, that will be used to talk a little about production of the book.

The awesome story guys who did Torch Tiger will be giving us our booth this year at comic con, so please, stop on by! Say hi, pick up a book! We'll be at 4819 XD

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Just a doodle :(

I've been feeling in an art rut lately, sorry for the lack of posts :P it happens to us all from time to time, its just tough to find a way out!