Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PecknPaw and the Black Mirror

Hi Folks!

Still working through some art stuff, but otherwise things are pretty good! Working on A Little Golden book for work, which has been stressful due to the pressure (Golden books are all so beautiful!!) But I'm so glad I got the oppertunity.

And here is another project I've been waiting to tell you guys about!

My friend Scott Watanabe approached me last year about doing an anthology for Comic con! I helped Assistant Edit the book with him.

Anyhoo, our whole book is all original artwork from 16 of the super talented visual development artists here at Disney! We've put together a blog, that will be used to talk a little about production of the book.

The awesome story guys who did Torch Tiger will be giving us our booth this year at comic con, so please, stop on by! Say hi, pick up a book! We'll be at 4819 XD


Kendra Melton said...

Ah, Golden Book what an honor! That has to be lots of fun. I assume you're referring to ComicCon San Diego? I've never been to a con but was looking into it earlier today and San Diego is already COMPLETELY sold out. I didn't realize how huge it was. Best of Luck!! I'm sure everything will turn out wonderfully. :]

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Unknown said...

I loaded up on several new Little Golden Books (and re-releases of a few of my old faves) the other day! Be sure to post when your's comes out... I'd love to get it :)

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