Friday, June 29, 2012

Announcing our new book!

Hey guys! Are you going to Comic con? Because we are! We're even debuting a new book there! Take a peek! The pages here are unbound because the version we're showing is actually our proof of the book. It's a collection of artwork that Mike and I have done over the past year or so, it's going to be very limited so we won't be selling them online, but they can be added as a part of your reward on our kickstarter.

Speaking of Comic Con, we're going to be attending for the first time as exhibitors. We're going to be in the Small Press Pavilion which is near Sideshow Collectibles and between entrances B1 & B2. We're going to have our new book, zoom zoos and our dwindling supply of Freckles. Plus we're going to have some great new prints. So please stop on by and see what we've been up to.

It's all coming so fast! Can't wait to say hello to some cool new peeps at Comic Con this year!

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Chromi - Estevao Chromiec said...

Amazing book! Very good!