Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Motivarti Mentorship

Hey All! I'm doing this awesome new program called "Motivarti!" It's a program where you can apply to be a mentee to a specific artist you admire, and I've singed up to be a mentor!

There are two weeks left to apply, It is open to all english speaking people.

Here's the Link with all of the information for those interested

Check out some of the other Mentors too! My husband Mike Yamada is also a mentor as well as my friend Scott Watanabe!


JennySRP said...

That's super cool! Thanks for sharing =D

Tam said...

Hey Victoria!
I'm happy to see this, I am certainly going to participate, because I really like your work and your vision of art, and I would really love to be mentored by you! It really is a great opportunity that you offer to your fans! (yay, I'm a fangirl...)
I love that idea of motivarti, it really is original ! I hope to see you very soon :)

Tam said...

I just sent my application. I hope I have not written too much, because I TRIED to make it short (but i think i!) Sorry for that!