Friday, March 07, 2008

more personal work

Hey guys,

Things have been real busy since I've been out of school. I can't believe it, but I sort of miss the structure of school. It is nice to have a 9-5, but I wish I had more time for myself. I like the feeling though when I can walk into a place and not feel like a child anymore. I'm a full fledged adult now, and although it's a little scary, its also really exciting!

I've been playing with some ink/watercolor wash techniques that my co-worker Arree has shown me, and it's been a lot of fun! Its a great way to explore shapes quickly, I will try to do more stuff like it in the future. I'm thinking maybe a series of little ballerina girls could be cool.

The last one is for a contest to win some jewelry that I threw together quick.




Unknown said...

Cool stuff! Congrats on becoming a full fledged adult, that’s something I’m looking forward to myself.

Craig Mackay said...

love love love these studies! beautiful.

Tobias Schwarz said...

very fun!

Edward Juan said...

i like the girl with the chair body.