Sunday, April 22, 2007

sum vehicles


Dave McNeal said...

I like these designs a bunch. My favorite being the one with the big ducky on it.

Andy C. said...

Ok. I'm one of those folk that fell off the face of the earth and uncovered this blog. For my case, I did so by accidently clicking the wrong click which resulted me to here and in turn made me extremely indebted to my clumsiness.

I was very much delighted to peek through the simple and lush illustrations you have posted up. I am going to go on a tangent, but I am curious what was your instruction for the homework for your fashion class? Based on what you posted it looked like you had a lot of fun or at the images definitely popped for me.

I look forward to your future homework :)

victoriaying said...

hey shou,

Thanks so much for looking! well, the fashion stuff really became my own thing. I just got really bored with the figure drawing that i just changed all the characters to be something interesting to me. I just try to make boring things fun haha.

Unknown said...

Love the figures, beautiful, flowing, clean lines.

Craig Mackay said...

These are really fun! I love the ducky one too.

Francis Vallejo said...

Nice blog!! I like your line work. I agree with what you said on making the figures fun (response to shou)'s a challenge along with good exercise.