Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I found this piece that was inspired by the Beatles for a Tribute show at Gallery Nucleus. I had a really great time painting this, but it was actually really hard for me to think of what to do for the theme. I had a lot of sketches for an "Octopus' Garden" painting, but I couldn't get it to work. I was rather pleased with this result.

I'll be having a couple of these as prints at CTN Expo which starts TOMORROW! Fri-Sunday of this week 11-16.  I'm so excited to talk to people!

I also just gave a few tours of our downstairs Art of Wreck it Ralph Gallery to a bunch of students who are here early for CTN Expo, it was great to share our studio with you guys!


Janel Drewis said...

I was one of those students! Glad I got to swing by and introduce myself on Friday too (The bear button I bought from you is happily pinned to my bag). Can't wait to get my copy of Cabinet of Curiosities and other Kickstarter goodies! Cheers Victoria!

- Janel

Shane said...

Your work is beautiful Victoria! I just love your colour pallet. Thank you for sharing.
Shane =)

Kristy Kay said...

Beautiful work Victoria! Thank you so much for giving me helpful feedback on my portfolio at CTN!

Brandon Pike said...

Beautiful piece! I love the composition!

RogerH said...

Beautiful work Victoria! If you're not too shy, maybe you could post your Octopus sketches too. =) I think everybody would love to see them, especially since this piece came out so utterly awesome.

Danny C. King Ian said...

Very nice!