Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd

I got this idea to start doing doodles of my outfits from a few diffrent people, I saw Nancy Z's blog, which is awesome, but I sadly don't have the time or energy to photograph myself, but everyone should check out her work!

I also saw recently this awesome chick Tiffany Ford's been doing it too! It's so fun to see into people's normal lives outside their art!

Outfit today:

Feeling a little lazy, which for me means Jeans and a tee

Top: Scolar
Sweater: Madewell
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Toms
Bag: (not pictured) Stella Mcartney for LeSportsac
Accessories: COFFEE

I've been feeling a weird desire for coffee lately. Thank goodness for good coffee at work ;)


Oskar Iglesias said...


Gabby Zapata said...

Cuuuuute! I've been meaning to do that too but I always forget :) Lovely outfit!

tiffany ford said...

so beautiful!

and thank you, victoria! ahaha i'm curious about that shirt

Megan Nicole Dong said...


Francis Porcel said...


-C- said...

What an excellent idea! Beautiful drawing, as usual.