Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic con 2010

This year at Comic Con, we worked at the Pecknpaw booth selling our Disney Vis Dev Collaborative art book! It was a great con where we met tons of awesome people!

Scott Watanabe, and My BF Mike helping to set up.
On Friday I started to take my commissions. This is one I particularly Liked of Jessica Rabbit!
This one was a simple prompt of "Girl with a Dragon" I did one with a girl and a large dragon but it was so embarassing I had to redo it! This one turned out much better!
My very First Commission! Princess Leia with a Chibi 3P0 and R2. I'm a huge Star Wars Nerd, so I super loved doing these!
Padme with a Chibi old 3P0! These two were a set.
This wonder woman I actually did for myself. I always loved wonder woman's design and did her for fun, but this piece actually ended up selling as well!

Skeches for a Harley Quinn Commission. I like to test out poses before I commit to anything on the watercolor paper

This guy was great. He had a Rascal but dressed it like a dragon!

Vamperella and Red Sonja. I ended p adding a little black bat to the Vamperella piece so that she wasn't staring at nothing.

I actually had so much fun doing these commissions! It was my first time doing so (which is why if you got one from me, I might have seemed sorta scatterbrained) But I loved it!


Aaron said...

The Vamperella is my favorite. Great work!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Super cute lady sketches. I wouldve loved to have snagged the WW!

Kendra Melton said...

Oh wow, these are all so incredibly adorable. Lovely lovely stuff.

Clio said...

Those are too cute! I love the unfinished Red Sonja one.

FENTON said...

I don't know how i missed your booth, your work is so so so cute!!

lostinarc said...

So beautiful creations...good one..

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! Super cute. The wonder woman is my favorite.


Zid said...

Too bad I missed out on this year's Comic Con. A colleague of mine went to your booth and got your stuff brought back. I'm a fan now!

Chris Battle said...

Love these! Esp. the Star Wars ones :D